Crazy things to do with your friends

What is a friend if you can’t do crazy things together? A friend is someone to be stupid with, aside from doing all sorts of silly stuff. No matter how old you are, when you have a friend that you can be crazy with, it’s like being back in high school as you revert to your teenage years.


It can happen at anytime

We all need to be a little bit crazy at times. We get drunk, party, we date through sex apps like 6app, and may have that natural high. We hear stories about our friends who went to bed with each other because they were drunk. It is also possible that you had experienced falling in love with your friend, and tried to make the moves for sex dating. Overstepping the boundary set by the definition of friendship by having sex can be called “crazy.”

Activate happiness

When it is time to activate happiness, you can call a lifeline, such as that of a friend. When we describe a friend, there is that boundary which makes it into a platonic relationship. A friend used to be someone you don’t go sex dating with, but now, we can have friends with benefits. Probably, you want to have more fun with a friend and are hesitant to cross the line.

Guilt-free sexercise

Perhaps, for that moment, when you do make out with a friend, the relationship may develop into a long-lasting one. But, for those who were swept away by their libido or emotions, the sex part might be something to be ashamed of the next morning. There might be awkwardness when you two realize what happened. However, there should be no guilt about making out with a friend, as it does naturally occur.

Be happy

When we think about our happiest times, it typically involves having social interaction. We can have fun alone, but since we are human, there is that need for bonding moments. We are not all monks that live on top of a mountain, meditating. Though, it is odd that the world’s happiest man is a monk named Matthieu Ricard, who has high levels of serotonin ever recorded when his brain got scanned.

That chemical reaction

Serotonin is a chemical that our body produces. It works in our brain to regulate mood, happiness, and anxiety. Along with serotonin, there are other ‘happiness’ chemicals such as oxytocin. This chemical is known as the ‘love drug’ and does get increased by bonding moments. These bonding moments include that of a mother breastfeeding her child, and also those romantic times when you stare into each other’s eyes.

Our bonds

It is how you deal with relationships that makes it stronger. Over the years, we can still keep civilized relationships with those that we broke up with during the early stages of our lives. A fling is just a fling, and if both of you enjoyed making out, then it is a good thing. Just be happy and try not to hurt anyone, and move on from the past to enjoy life.